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What was going on INNERDEPRAVITY.COM?
INNERDEPRAVITY.COM was a web-based multimedia project I produced and created back in 2005.  The content, a series of short movies along with photoshoots, were displayed by thematics. I am also a special FX makeup artist, and my goal was to put in practise the various special FX techniques I acquired throughout the past years. 

Access to my website was strictly allowed to a mature audience(18 years old and up), due to the graphic content of my art.

In 2006, I decided to make a DVD version of my work. INNERDEPRAVITY 1 and INNERDEPRAVITY 2 were born.  INNERDEPRAVITY 1 was premiered at the SPASM Festival in 2007, and won the award of 'the most deranged movie of the year'.  An unexpected reaction.


Innerdepravity perpertratres the terrible mindset of a serial killer. A tattooed masked man performs many of his killings in many different settings, and every killing is accompanied with a photographic journal of his deviances.


Why the hell did I get arrested in 2009?

Well... To keep a long story short...
Interpol received an alert orignated from a German web surfer, in 2005, in regards to the content of the website INNERDEPRAVITY.COM, thinking that these murders actually took place in a far land called Canada. For obscure reasons, the net surfer ignored the first warning page advertising that all content on the website was fictional and works of special effects techniques...
In all due respect,  we can conclude that the user probably could not read English... as well as the Montreal Police who arrested me.

Thank you for taking the time reading up on my story!